26th February 2017, Asnières-sur-Seine

Ilex International, a leading European Identity and Access Management (IAM) firm, has announced strong growth in the EMEA region in 2017 and confirmed a 20% organic expansion of its global revenue.

The company has maintained a strong technological lead on the access management segment and has seen a growth of more than 70% on product revenue across its Sign&go Access Management Suite over the last two years. This progression is the clear reflection of a booming market segment driven by a major strategic challenge: digital security.

With almost 30 years’ experience on the market, Ilex International’s main differentiators are its innovative capacity, its flexibility and its reactivity. In 2017, Ilex International’s has adapted to IT security changes and has provided state of the art technology.  This is why new customers such as large banks, insurance companies or key businesses from the transport sector chose to implement Ilex software. Today more than 200 customers worldwide benefit from Ilex International’s IAM solutions on a daily basis.

Ilex has also extended its partner ecosystem in 2017, establishing agreements with companies such as KT Secure and Rivington Information Security in the UK or Cyber Security Management (CSM) in Belgium.

“With the increase of cyber threats, businesses have to rethink their IT and choose reliable, proven and secure solutions. Protecting access to the information system has never been so vital.”

“User identification, authentication, traceability, identity and right management are the foundation of a reliable secure digital space, which is essential to enjoy the full business benefits and opportunities technology offers.”

Laurent Gautier, President and Co-founder of Ilex International

In 2018, Ilex International will pursue its aggressive growth strategy in EMEA, with new markets making a significant impact to the 2017 results from a revenue contribution perspective and in establishing a firm foothold as a leading Identity and Access Management player in the market. On the technology front, investments are planned to extend product features and deliver simple, scalable and secure Identity and Access Management solutions.

According to Zion’s Market Research Report, the European market contributes around 30 percent of the global Identity and Access Management market. In the last two years, Europe has seen 13 percent growth per year in the Identity and Access Management market, with Ilex International performing above the market average. The research expects the European growth figures to increase in the coming years.