CLUSIF launches a new work group: “Identity and Access Management and Governance”

In July 2007, CLUSIF published a technical file titled “Identity Management“. This was 7 years ago, and although the concepts presented in this file are still valid of course, it seemed necessary to work on a new file integrating the following changes:

  • Technologies and uses have changed: in the 2007 file, there was obviously no mention of “Cloud” nor “BYOD” however today, the notions of identity and access are fundamental. It is the same with all issues related to authentication techniques, for example, or social networks and interactions with the business world.
  • The law has changed: in 2007, the technical file referred to “Basel 2”, for example. Since then, there has been “Basel 3”. Laws and recommendations have also changed at the national level (CNIL, RGS, Confidentiality Decree, LPM).
  • The IS has developed, and identity federation projects and offerings are common now. In the 2007 file, this notion was brought up from a relatively technical standpoint. Although in most cases this is essentially a “business” issue. At a time when a lot of solutions are widely developed based on this notion of identity federation, this point deserves to be further examined.
  • These past years, a number of significant identity management projects have failed. The approach and the way of looking at things have considerably changed since 2007: the approach is now more pragmatic, with iterations, etc.
  • In 2007, identity governance was not dealt with. Though today, this is a mature and fundamental topic. In the last Magic Quadrant related to these themes, Gartner, for example, has united both the IAM and IAG magic quadrants.
  • In 2007, the emphasis was essentially placed on identity management. In the current context, access management must not be disregarded.

In short, the idea behind this new CLUSIF “work group” is to produce a file on “Identity and Access Management and Governance”. The purpose is not to review/amend the existing document but to create a new one. Olivier Morel, Ilex Pre-Sales Director, has been appointed at the head of this work group.

You will find the description of the work group on the CLUSIF site:

To join the work group, you must first be a CLUSIF member (, you should also have things to say on IAM/IAG and be motivated!