Businesses over-confident in new Breach Confidence Index

Ilex International’s Breach Confidence Index launches today to monitor the level of confidence businesses have when it comes to security breaches. The result of the latest YouGov survey paints a worrying picture for businesses. Almost a quarter (24 percent) of the IT decision makers surveyed were ‘very confident’ and 59 percent ‘fairly confident’ that their business is protected against a data security breach.

Compared to actual statistics shared by the Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, Ministry of Defence at the 2015 Cyber Symposium, there is a major gap between the perception and reality of security breaches among businesses. Fallon expects the cost of cyber security breaches to grow, already tripling over the last year in the UK, accounting for £20 to £30 billion per year. The Breach Confidence Index survey uncovers the confidence levels and reveals the primary reasons why businesses had suffered a breach. Click here for the full report and for best practices to minimise the risk of a security breach