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Ilex International is actively invested in major IT clubs and associations to keep up to date and anticipate market changes, to communicate with all the actors in our industry and share our knowledge to evolve and progress.

Cercle Européen de la Sécurité et des Systèmes d’Information

A European think tank with over 1,000 Members

Ilex International has been a member of this European think tank for 7 years. This organisation brings together users and decision makers from the Information Systems Security arena. It also federates all the professionals of the industry with more than 1,000 active members including ISS Directors, security experts…. who all attend the annual 'Assises de la sécurité' exhibition, a major event in the ISS sector.

The Cercle de la Sécurité works for the development of skills and exchanges on all issues related to risks, solutions and means of protecting the digital assets of enterprises.

Its mission is also to detect innovative solutions and contribute to their development.

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CLUSIF (Club de la Sécurité de l’Information Français)

A club dedicated to information security with over 300 Members

CLUSIF (Club de la Sécurité de l'Information Français), created in 1984, is a not for profit organization allowing professionals dealing with information security (including IT security) to meet, exchange their opinions, work and progress together.

CLUSIF, based in France, is open to contributions and membership from all over the world.

CLUSIF's objective is to welcome IT security staff (CISO, etc.) together with security product and service suppliers and other interested parties. The spirit of CLUSIF is based on mutual exchanges between its members irrespective of their professional role (supplier or “user”). CLUSIF adds contacts on information security with similar organizations , either cross-national (e.g. the CLUSIx in Europe) or regional instances (CLUSIR).

Ilex International has been a CLUSIF member for many years and is this year playing an active part in the "Identity and Access Management and Governance" work group. This group is headed by one of our experts, Olivier Morel, Pre-Sales Director and a member of Ilex’s Board of Directors. The objective of this work group is to publish a comprehensive report on this theme. It is open to all CLUSIF members who wish to share their experiences and opinions on IAM/IAG.

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A club of complementary actors with expertise in Information Systems Security, Cybersecurity and Digital Trust

The HexaTrust Club was founded by French software vendors and integrators Wallix, OpenTrust, Deny All, Ilex International, Netheos, The GreenBow, InWebo, Olfeo, Brainwave, VadeRetro Technology and Bertin Technologies, to provide enterprises and public organisations of all sizes a full range of efficient and consistent products and services dedicated to the security of critical infrastructures.

This alliance meets the needs of enterprises, administrations, public and private organisations of all sizes, keen to receive European and French innovative offers covering all their IT security needs.

Building on their presence on the European market, HexaTrust members want to accelerate their international development by sharing their experience, their networks and means of access to global markets.

Hexatrust acts in close cooperation with professional organisations, users and institutional actors, working to strengthen the chain of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust groups, supporting the development of innovation and growth SMEs, future leaders of information systems security.
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