Dr. Laurent Gautier

President and Co-founder


Doctor in electronics from the Lille University, and Graduate from the prestigious “Centrale” Engineering School, Laurent Gautier has always been passionate about IT technologies. He solders his first computer (NASCOM 1- 1978) while still a student. After his studies he teaches a “How to build computers” course at the University of Tunis for 18 months before joining, in 1985, Cap Sogeti, a large French Integrator. At the same time, Laurent starts writing and selling financial shareware as a hobby. In 1989, he joins the “Terminals & PCs” department of the IT division at BNP where he leads the company through the implementation and deployment of its first Unisys based agency system. Convinced of the potential of the IT market and driven by his passion, Laurent founds Ilex in 1989 with René Lagrèze, and starts providing services and software solutions to some of the largest organisations in the world including major airports, international airlines, leading banks, the Nasdaq, Morgan Stanley, the US coast guards…

René Lagrèze                                      

Managing Director and Co-founder

photo_codir_lagreze_reneRené Lagrèze shares Laurent Gautier’s passion for IT technologies. He holds a Master’s degree in telecommunications and a post graduate diploma from the Saclay Nuclear Research Centre (one of 9 laboratories from the French Commission for Atomic Energy). In 1978, he works on the first major SMART card project initiated by BULL and Roland Moreno, the inventor of the smart card. He then joins BNP to lead the bank’s team in charge of designing the IBM based version of its agency system.

In 1989, René creates ILEX with Laurent. He leads several consulting and presales missions for Philips and Digital Equipment Corporation and works on the Credit Agricole’s (largest French Bank) agency system’s middleware and telecom design. In 1996, René creates and leads the Ilex Health Care team which will design and write the middleware for the French Health Care multi OS / multi-platform Smart Cards (for patients and Health Care Professionals).

René’s technical expertise and leadership has been a major asset and a key enabler in Ilex’s decision to develop its IT Security Software Suite in 2000.

René is also an enthusiastic Marathon and Trail runner.

Olivier Morel

Deputy General Manager

photo_codir_morel_olivierOlivier holds an engineering degree from the Paris Superior Institute of Mechanical Engineering. Following his graduation, he joins Syntegra (subsidiary of BT) in 2000 as project manager in the “directories and messaging systems” department where he participates in numerous Fortune 100 companies’ projects. Recruited in 2005 by Ilex as pre-sales consultant, he supports the company’s expansion and demonstrates a strong sense of customer relationship and dedication to projects success. Appointed Pre-Sales Director in 2007, he recruits and leads a team of consultants and works closely with the Sales and Technical departments to lead large projects, strengthen quality of service, and support increasing demand from customers.

As Deputy General Manager, Olivier Morel will continue to contribute strongly to the company’s development and will have direct responsibility for Presales, Sales and Marketing departments. Hewill take an active part in the company’s aggressive growth strategy.

Olivier spent most of his youth and adolescence abroad. He brings to Ilex an international culture and experience which allows him to play a key role in the company’s international expansion.