White paper
Five steps to get started on your Identity and Access Management strategy

Managing user access to systems and data is a critical element of information security and is the foundation to protecting data from misuse.

As new services such as cloud become more prevalent and new regulations, such as GDPR, come into effect, controlling access is becoming more complicated. As a result, organisations are looking for more robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. But defining an IAM strategy can be a complex process and before starting, it’s crucial for organisations to first be clear on what they what to achieve and how an IAM strategy can help achieve success.

This whitepaper written in conjunction with our UK consulting partner, Rivington Information Security, explores why defining your IAM strategy and what you want to get from it is so important. The paper also outlines the top five tips to get started, and the benefits organisations can expect to see when they have a robust and comprehensive IAM strategy in place.

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