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Maximise your performances thanks to access security


Sign&go is a modular global SSO (Single Sign-On) solution from Ilex International which addresses the security and traceability issues within your IS while providing comfort and user-friendliness to your users.
Forget about account memorisation, multiple authentications, password losses or sharing. Over with inconsistent security levels, various password policies and complex access traceability.

Strong authentication, Single Sign-On, Identity Federation: a unique solution to your business, security and sales challenges 

Sign&go is the only security solution on the market to offer Strong authentication, Web Access Management, Mobile Access Management, Identity Federation and eSSO (or "Enterprise Single Sign-On") functionalities through common architecture and administration. Sign&go is the first Global SSO product.

Among the many services provided by the solution, we offer:

  • Authentication mechanisms, with 1, 2, or 3 factors (contact/contactless card, one-time passwords, out-of-band schemes -SMS/e-mail-, biometrics, Self-service, etc.). These authentication mechanisms can be implemented on workstations, light or mobile terminals, Web portals (accessed from within or outside the company) or virtualisation infrastructures.
  • Access control based on such criteria as an authentication level, a time range, an IP/DNS source, a user profile, a type of device or a specific use, etc.
  • Single Sign-On on any type of application: Web, thick client, virtualised, mobile, internal or external, managed or unmanaged applications, running in SaaS or Cloud mode.
  • A unique point of traceability, audits and statistics for all authentifications, all accesses to applications, all authorisations and delegations.
  • A flexible and powerful solution to the issue of externalising your corporate applications or, to your business line managers’ needs for whom interactions with social networks and consumer mobility are real strategic levers.

You want to control access to your corporate applications, free your users from the constraint of having to enter multiple passwords or collaborate with your sales partner in a secure environment? All this is possible with Sign&go!

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Strong points of our global SSO solution:

  • Unification of strong authentication, Web Access Management, Mobile Access Management, Identity Federation and enterprise SSO
  • Unique coverage of Identity Federation standards: SAML2, Open ID, OAuth2, WS-Federation
  • Flexible, modular and robust solution
  • Adaptability to new  professional practices : Kiosque, Roaming, Fast User Switching (FUS), terminals, new devices, Cloud
  • Portability of SSO on tablets and Smartphones (iOS/Androïd) thanks to the Sign&go Mobility Center module

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