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Sign&go Mobility Center is a security solution providing strong authentication methods (with 1, 2 or 3 factors) as well as access control and single authentication (SSO) functionalities for mobile applications. The mobility center also delivers data protection functionality allowing mobile employees to view corporate content without taking any security risks.

With the success of the mobile device for corporate use, ergonomics and security have become critical issues for IT decision makers.
Sign&go Mobility Center is an innovative and comprehensive solution that secures access to corporate applications and data for mobile employees while preserving user comfort.

Strong authentication, access control, Single Sign-On and corporate data protection on your mobile: choose Sign&go Mobility Center

Available as a native application or an API, for iOS or Android devices, Sign&go Mobility Center provides a secure space for users. Once they are correctly authenticated, users are able to access all their business applications without having to re-authenticate. They can also view corporate documents, whether the data resides on the local device or online, without putting confidential information at risk.

A unique solution which offers an unequalled range of functionalities:

  • Secure, simplify and track access to your mobile sites and applications
  • Extend the access scenarios used for your applications to mobile application and device users
  • Provide strong authentication and SSO functionalities on mobile devices used in dedicated or shared mode  ("kiosk")
  • Integrate your mobile applications or sites in your global security policy
  • Delegate authentication of your mobile applications to your security repositories
  • Secure corporate content viewed by employees on mobile devices

The solution relies on a Java/J2E server infrastructure and on the client application available in Apple and Android stores and therefore simple to implement.
It can operate in a stand-alone mode or it can be provided as an extension of the Sign&go Global SSO (Single Sign-On) solution from Ilex International.


With Sign&go Mobility Center, , ensure the security of mobile access and data in compliance with your global security policy.

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Sign&go Mobility Center benefits:

  • Multiple authentication schemes with 1 or more factors (NFC/Password, Client Certificate, Out-of-band Mail/SMS, QR Code), that can be integrated with each other
  • Access control and single authentication (Single Sign-On) on mobile Web applications or iOS/Android native applications
  • Complete protection of corporate data on the mobile device (integrated secure web browser, secure data container per user, document read-only mode, anti-spy screen filter, etc.)
  • Native application available in Apple Store and Google Play Store
  • Simple integration of the API into your corporate mobile applications
  • Fully secured application. No local configuration is required – self destruction of secured containers in the event of a mobile jailbreak, all data is cleared and deleted upon user disconnection, inactivity time-out or violent shock.

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