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Intranex is a multi-platform access solution (100% Java) for mainframe applications (IBM, Bull, UNIX, DEC, Videotex). Its compatibility with available directories, its centralised administration and the diversity of its modes of operation enables it to easily adapt to the IT system and the infrastructure already in place. Intranex's authentication and cryptographic capabilities, in addition to its fine management of user rights, enables the company's security policy to be respected.

Modernise applications

Intranex, a veritable "Web to Host" solution puts enterprise applications at the disposal of users whilst offering them an ergonomy and performance conforming to current standards.
This enables conserving the investment in legacy mainframe applications, which are difficult and expensive to migrate, whilst providing more convivial interfaces.
To adapt best to the system's architecture, Intranex can operate in several modes:

  • "thick client" application
  • java applet in the browser
  • modify HTML on the fly

Provide all protocols

Intranex provides a multitude of connectors in order to support the majority of protocols and emulations:

  • 3270 connector for the TN3270 protocol
  • 3287 connector and service
  • DKU connector for the TNVIP protocol
  • VT220 connector for the Telnet protocol
  • TN5250 connector
  • Minitel connector and bridge for Minitel 1B and DRCS
  • etc.

Centralise administration

Intranex's administration is compatible with the principle Web servers on the market. It enables fine management of users, groups, connections, as well as 3270 and DKU sessions. It allows delegation of administration, and equally provides administration of authentications, privileges, SSO. It ensures a fine configuration of connections and the management of Minitel rights.

Integrate security and traceability

Active security is ensured by the management of user's rights on each of the available connections. Intranex can request authentication of the user – including by smartcard thanks to its PKCS #11 module – before connecting to a mainframe application or Minitel. The data-flows can also be encrypted, by using the SSL and SSH standards, in order to ensure confidentiality of the exchanged data.
The integral Round-Robin or Fail-Over load distribution modes provide the solution's high-availability capability.
The journaling of connections, events, errors, as well as the ability to activate detailed logging brings an unquestionable traceability in respect of regulations such as SOX or LSF.

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