Identity and authorisation management


Meibo Identity Management

A tailored, modular and functional approach to identity and authorisation management.  Meibo adapts to the constraints within existing environments.

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Meibo People Pack

Meibo People Pack is a packaged software solution providing a configurable environment to manage the lifecycle of users and their authorisation within the information system.

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Access management


Sign&go Global SSO

Sign&go is a unique security solution offering  strong authentication, Web Access Management, Identity Federation, eSSO (Enterprise Single Sign-On) and mobile SSO functionalities through common architecture and administration. The solution includes a CMS module for managing the lifecycle of authentication devices.
Sign&go is a modular and flexible solution which helps address Access Management issues individually or from a global perspective.

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Sign&go Mobility Center

Srong authentication, access control and Single Sign-On on your mobile devices.

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Sign&go CMS

A lifecycle management solution for your authentication devices, Sign&go CMS simplifies the management of your mobile device base.

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Connectivity portal – 100% Java.
Intranex, the Web-to-Host portal, provides access to legacy applications in an Internet/Intranet type architecture.

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