26th January 2016, Lille

Ilex International was awarded the label at the 2016 edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum. The creation of the France Cybersecurity Label is one of the priorities set by the 33rd Plan of the French government’s New Industrial France program dedicated to cybersecurity.

The France Cybersecurity Label or ‘Made in France’ cybersecurity

The France Cybersecurity label was officially introduced a year ago by Axelle Lemaire, Minister of State for the Digital Sector. Its purpose is to guide customers in their search for French cybersecurity solutions. It is governed by a collegiate body gathering industrial sector representatives (ACN, HEXATRUST), users (CESIN, CIGREF, GITSIS) and public authorities (ANSSI, DGA, DGE). For the award of the label, these representatives rely on evaluations from independent third parties.

This label meets several objectives:

  • Promote French cybersecurity solutions and increase their visibility on the international scene
  • Raise awareness among international users and buyers on the importance of a cybersecurity offer of French origin and its unique qualities
  • Certify the quality and functionalities of the labelled products and services
  • Increase their use and thus raise the protection level of users

Ilex International’s Sign&go offer labelled at the FIC 2016

Ilex International’s Sign&go solution fully meets these requirements and was thus awarded the France  Cybersecurity label. Sign&go is a unique security solution on the market as it offers, within a centralised architecture and administration, strong authentication, Web Access Management, Identity Federation, eSSO (or ‘Enterprise Single Sign-On’) and Mobile SSO functionalities. Sign&go is the first Global SSO product of its kind. It helps companies and organisations of all sizes control and secure all access to their information system and thus guarantee full and reliable traceability.

The France Cybersecurity label is a guarantee of quality and performance and allows Ilex International to be recognised as a major cybersecurity actor by both public authorities and users.