All year round, Ilex provides training courses to help you make the most of its solutions. These training courses are targeted according to our products and your profile.


  • The various training courses we provide for the Meibo Identity Management product range will help you acquire the skills needed to develop your own applications, whether you are an integrator or an end-user.
  • The Meibo People Pack training will help you implement the solution, as an integrator, from the product installation to its configuration.


  • We can provide you with the following training courses for our Sign&go Global SSO/Sign&go Mobility Center offering:
    • Basic training to help you use the product
    • Advanced training for complete mastering of the tool, if you are an administrator of the solution
    • Identity Federation (SAMLv2) training, if you are in charge of IT security  

If you use Sign&go Santé, our Sign&go solution dedicated to the Healthcare sector, we will focus on the legal aspects related to specific business uses (French Confidentiality Decree and CPS card – Healthcare Professional card).

  • Sign&go CMS  training courses will give you a good understanding of the basic notions of security via strong authentication. This course will guide you in order to implement a secured infrastructure on your IS whatever the device used (USB key, smartcard, smartphone). We provide these courses according to your profile: integrator, end-user, etc.