Access Management: Global SSO


In the past few years, there has been significant changes in IT practices: mobility, Cloud, SaaS, social networks, connected objects, etc. In this context, access management has become a priority. Your company must control and track access to all the Information System users in order to ensure flawless security, regardless of the entry point used.

Besides the security approach, ergonomics and user behaviours must also be considered. A solution that is too restrictive will be rejected by your users who will bypass the security policy and expose your company to threats.

Business and sales challenges related to single authentication and identity federation largely contribute to approach access management projects from a perspective that is not exclusively technical.

Single Sign-On: the Holy Grail for your users

A single authentication (or SSO for Single Sign-On) project often originates in dissatisfied users, who are tired of having to remember more and more login/password pairs to connect to their daily applications.
You wish to put an end to the use of weak passwords, shared between colleagues or written down on Post-it notes, while satisfying your users and making them  independent? Then you need to implement a SSO solution! You are sure to be more popular and improve your ROI!
Your users will appreciate this enhancement all the more as it is suitable to any work environment: mobile employees wishing to access their applications from a smartphone or a tablet, partners or employees in subsidiaries wishing to access your corporate portal, employees using workstations shared on the IS, etc.

Access to the Information System, a key element of the security policy

Regardless of the issues faced by your users, logical access control and security remain the priorities!
In order to prevent any breach/fraud and before bringing SSO comfort to your users, it is essential to strengthen the authentication mechanisms and logical access control rules of your Information System’s applications.
Likewise, the traceability of authentications, authorisations and delegations will help you ensure that your company is compliant with the current regulations in your industry.

Identity Federation, a lever of business development

At the time of cross-community networks and mobility, Identity Federation provides new opportunities in terms of customer relationship and business development.
It addresses strong business challenges as it generates user loyalty by sparing them the constraints of repetitive registrations or authentications, and allowing them to make the most of services that they can easily access. It also allows you to share identities with your partners and customers in a secure and standardised way.
Identity Federation is thus necessary for all large e-commerce projects or for partnerships between organisations. It is a real lever of economic growth.

Case studies

  • Generali France relies on Ilex International’s solutions to modernise its access management infrastructure and strengthen its IS security (read the testimonial)
  • The Crédit Agricole Group strengthens its employees’ application access security using Ilex International and its Sign&go Global SSO solution (read the testimonial)
  • The CAFAT (New Caledonia’s social welfare organisation) centralises the usernames of health professionals and business leaders, and secures their remote access to its online servicese (read the testimonial)
  • The Fédération des Hôpitaux Vaudois (Federation of Vaud hospitals) relies on Ilex International to streamline its access management and modernise its employees’ work environment (read the testimonial)
  • The High Council of French Notaries (CSN) deploys ID.not, the notarial digital identity, combining strong authentication, Single Sign-On and Identity Federation (read the testimonial)
  • The French federation, Habitat et Humanisme, modernises its information system and enhances the workplace by streamlining identity and access management (read the testimonial)
  • The CANAL+ Group enhances security of access to its consumer internet platform with Ilex International (read the testimonial)
  • The CANAL+ Group strengthens the security of its Internet platform for the general public by combining Authentication, SSO and Identity Federation (read the testimonial)
  • Le Groupe La Poste implements a Web SSO portal based on Ilex International technologies to allow its employees to access their cross-functional applications (read the testimonial)
  • The Société Générale Group implements a platform combining authentication, identity federation and rights management (read the testimonial)
  • Leroy Merlin relies on Ilex International to modernise the work environment of its employees and improve its service quality (read the testimonial)
  • The Saint-Étienne University Hospital has guaranteed confidentiality and streamlined access to patient’s medical files thanks to Ilex International and Citrix  (read the testimonial)

Sign&go Global SSO

Modular solution of global SSO (Single Sign-On), Sign&go addresses your IS security and traceability challenges while guaranteeing comfort and ergonomics to your users.

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