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Reasons for getting started on an IAM project

Pitfalls to avoid, pre-conceived ideas and practical tips to know before starting your IAM project

Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Identity and Access Governance (IAG) projects are not simply about implementing technical solutions. Many roles and departments within an organisation will be affected by and should be involved in the implementation. If insufficient attention is given, the implications will be felt far beyond the IT department.

When starting out on such a project, there are a number of common pitfalls that organisations experience, as well as pre-conceived ideas about IAM and IAG. Understanding these pitfalls and how they can be resolved is key to ensuring a successful implementation.

In our first paper in the Identity and Access Management Simplified series, Reasons for Starting an Identity and Access Management Project and Practical Tips to Ensure Success, we look at these pitfalls and pre conceptions in detail, along with best practices prior to commencement, which will add to the overall effectiveness of your implementation.

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