Sign&go CMS

Authentication device life cycle management


Sign&go CMS from Ilex International is an authentication device lifecycle management solution designed to simplify the deployment and daily management of a mobile device base such as smart cards (multiservice cards), USB keys, badges, tablets and smartphones.
The solution spreads the user’s identity on his different terminals, in the form of a digital certificate. Thus allowing simple and fast access to an extended range of applications and services.

The multiservice card is the user’s Swiss Army Knife

Sign&go CMS allows you to secure the access to your company premises and Information System via a single device. This mobile device is a real professional identity card and the guarantor of your identity within your organisation.

With Sign&go CMS you can:

  • Manage any type of devices (smart cards, smartphones, USB keys, etc.) and drive their deployment:

  • Professional business cards for employees within town halls, hospitals, etc.
  • Access control badges to access a company’s premises
  • All-purpose cards to mutualise all the services provided and managed by a local community (transportation, nurseries, swimming pools, libraries, etc.) on a single device
  • Mobile devices to address the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) issue and secure external access via strong authentication performed by our Sign&go solution in parallel

  • Manage employee picture-taking, select the best pictures and view the final results before printing, via a graphical design studio.
  • Delegate processing of digital certificates to non IT employees, along with the graphical customisation of physical devices and their distribution according to predefined scenarios.

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A single CMS for all your mobile devices

  • Simple to use, ergonomic CMS, that facilitates interactions between administrators and users
  • Design studio for the graphical customisation of physical devices: print masks, photos (webcam, file), etc.
  • Ready to use, simple scenarios
  • Direct connection to one or more enterprise PKI or hosted PKI
  • Self-service (remote enrolment and certificate renewal)
  • Management of all types of devices: USB keys, smart cards, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Management of contact and contactless technologies
  • Certificate generation in SaaS or Cloud mode on mobile terminals
  • Audit and statistics on the operations performed by mobile device holders

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