Identity and Authorisation Management


The Information System is becoming more complex and managing all the identities of your employees efficiently is a real challenge. Although the objective is still the same (knowing "who has access to which resources"), the way the implementation of identity and access management is considered has changed. While the approach to large IAM (Identity & Access Management) projects used to be technical, today a functional and business approach prevails, with more pragmatic and iterative methods.

Identity Management to satisfy your users

An IAM project is not just an infrastructure project, its real added value lies in its business dimension: it can help you manage processes simply (arrival, mobility, departure and resource allocations processes…).
The success of your project depends on whether key actors (HR, business line managers, ISD, end users, etc.) in your company are involved in it. By providing them with strong added value services (white pages directories, Self-Service, validation processes, etc.) through ergonomic Web interfaces, you empower your users.

An identity management solution requires the buy-in of these actors for the project to succeed. If you want to meet your challenge, you must then turn them into active participants!

Authorisation management, the security filter required to protect your data

The users' life cycle in your organisation and its related processes have a direct impact on their rights on your Information System (IS).
Thus, a comprehensive identity management system must provide an overview of authorisations and accesses to the IS. It helps you control operational risks and address regulatory constraints.
If you want to know "who has access to which resources, on whose behalf and under which conditions?" or, "who granted access to which resources, when and who agreed to this?" then you must rely on a rights model based on roles, which are key interoperability elements between authorisations and rights.
By knowing all of your users and managing their authorisations on your IS, you can ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.

Automatic provisioning, daily administration tasks simplified

To automate IS administration tasks (creation, activation, deletion… of accounts and user rights from reference sources) and to detect inconsistencies and discrepancies with the rights model, identity management must rely on automatic provisioning mechanisms.

Provisioning each repository manually and separately can generate errors, and makes the implementation of a transversal security policy more complex. It is also a waste of time and productivity for your company.

Automatic provisioning, if used correctly, ensures that authorisation policies are properly implemented on the Information System.

Case studies

  • The French federation, Habitat et Humanisme, modernises its information system and enhances the workplace by streamlining identity and access management (read the testimonial)
  • IFP School relies on Meibo to modernise its Information System and implement a unique repository (read the testimonial)
  • The High Council of French Notaries (CSN) deploys ID.not, the notarial digital identity, combining strong authentication, Single Sign-On and Identity Federation (read the testimonial)
  • The Île-de-France Regional Council manages its representatives’ mandates with the aid of Meibo Identity Management (read the testimonial)
  • The CAFAT (New Caledonia’s social welfare organisation) centralises the usernames of health professionals and business leaders, and secures their remote access to its online servicese (read the testimonial)
  • The Argenteuil Hospital Centre relies on Ilex International to implement their establishment directory (read the testimonial)
  • The Saint-Étienne University Hospital has guaranteed confidentiality and streamlined access to patient’s medical files thanks to Ilex International and Citrix (read the testimonial)
  • The ASIP Santé relies on Meibo Identity Management for the modernisation of its secured directory front-end (read the testimonial)


Meibo Identity Management

A tailored, modular and functional approach to identity and authorisation management.  Meibo adapts to the constraints within existing environments.

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Meibo People Pack

Meibo People Pack is a packaged software solution providing a configurable environment to manage the lifecycle of users and their authorisation within the information system.

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