Meibo Identity Management

‘Tailored’ Identity and Access Rights Management


The Meibo range from Ilex International offers a modular and functional approach to Identity Management by perfectly adapting to the constraints and existing organisation within each entity.
It offers services going from a simple employee search thanks to ergonomic Web interfaces, to automation of arrival, mobility and departure processes, as well as automated provisioning of accounts and rights within all your company’s repositories.

"A la carte": directory management and publishing, business processes, repository provisioning , and much more!

By choosing Meibo you opt for a tailored solution which can address all identities and authorisations issues within your organisation:

  • Control and publish your directory data via ergonomic, intuitive and multilingual interfaces.
  • Quickly provide user services related to your identity databases: Self-service, delegation, White pages, etc.
  • Automate all of the business processes related to IS users’ life cycle management: arrival, departure, mobility, resource allocation, etc.
  • Synchronise your repositories and drive the IS provisioning.
  • Administer, control and audit identities and authorisations within your organisation.
  • Integrate customised identity management into your SaaS/Cloud infrastructures.
  • Model roles, manage fine-grained rights, simulate and apply SoD policies.

All the services provided by Meibo are graphically implemented within a single integrated tool: Meibo Studio. With its simplicity of use and rich functionalities, it will meet your needs and overcome all limits of their implementation.

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Meibo Identity Management

Meibo: the only IAM solution on the market that offers a "tailored" approach

  • ‘Tailored’ design of Identity and authorisation management applications within a graphical Studio
  • Adjustment to your organisation’s constraints, your IS and your environments
  • Coverage of all your functional needs
  • Flexible implementation and wide range of components (design studio, workflow engine and provisioning engine)
  • Up to date with IT changes: mobility, Identity ‘SaaS’, Cloud identity
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