Meibo People Pack

‘Packaged’ Identity and Access Rights Management


Meibo People Pack from Ilex International is a packaged software solution for managing user lifecycles and authorisations on the information system. It takes charge of your employees throughout their time with the company, and it helps streamline, administer and audit your Identity Management business processes. In addition, this solution facilitates publishing and delegated management of people, structures and IT resources.

From information services to audit services, a ‘turnkey’ solution and step-by-step assistance 

Meibo People Pack is intended for all the users of your IS. It rapidly and simply provides all the services that are expected from efficient Identity Management:

  • Information service: central repository of users and organisations.
  • Management service: arrival, departure and mobility business processes, resource allocation (hardware and software resources), Self-service.
  • Provisioning services: automation of create, modify and delete tasks, and reconciliation of accounts and rights.
  • Administration service: management of authorisations, delegation, rights review.
  • Audit service: who has access to what? Who does what? Who validated what and when? etc. 

Meibo People Pack ensures the fast and secure supply of user services such as Self-service for resource request and follow-up. With its "packaged" approach, the solution (which provides a practical and guided methodology) helps you get started with Identity Management while minimising the risk that the project may not succeed.

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Meibo People Pack

No more endless IAM projects!

  • ‘All in one solution’ integrating business and organisational dimensions of IAM
  • Complete, structured and practical integration methodology, which involves all IAM actors: ISD, HR, Business, Security, etc.
  • "Full Web" configuration and administration of the solution
  • Ergonomic, intuitive and ‘responsive design’ user interfaces
  • Advanced functionalities: Self-service, delegation, history records, crisis plans, rights review, etc.
  • Powerful provisioning which can adapt to your IS’s applications
  • Guaranteed traceability: audits, statistics, etc.
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