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Mega breaches: Behind the headlines 18th August 2016, London

Hacks are common occurrences these days. Legal or finance, small or large, no sector and no size organisation is safe from potential attack.

More often than not, hacks are for the purpose of gaining private, sensitive data – such as health records, credit card details or personal information. We are in the age of ‘big data’ and cyber criminals can compromise almost any type of personal information. With technology constantly evolving, the routes of entry for cyber criminals are growing rapidly and organisations need to stay ahead of the curve to keep their data safe. 

Usually conducted with criminal intent, hackers are often looking for some kind of personal gain. Often financial or to expose and damage the reputation of their target; there are many different forms hacks and cyberattacks take and reasons behind them range from insider threats, state sponsored attacks to external hacktivists.

Our latest paper, 'Mega breaches: Behind the headlines' looks at the different forms of cyber attacks and what steps organisations can take to mitigate risk. The paper also explores recent high-profile attacks and the reasons behind each.

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