Industry and Services

Beyond the need for security, identity and access management projects stem from various requirements. This is all the more true in the Industry and Services sector where these projects constitute a pragmatic response to strategic business issues.

Ilex International provides suitable responses to such various needs. For example, single authentication helps improve user experience by simplifying password management to increase productivity. Likewise, Identity Federation addresses the issue of supporting the new multichannel uses of consumers by providing different inter-community connection mechanisms. Ilex has thus demonstrated its know-how with major companies  including CANAL+ Group, Leroy Merlin, TDF or Vente-privé  

In the media area, CANAL+ Group has selected the Sign&go solution to standardise and secure authentication and registration processes on the different portals of the group. Users thus benefit from a single account to access all of the services to which they have subscribed, from their television, tablet or smartphone.

On the distribution side in France, Leroy Merlin has also selected the Sign&go solution to free sales advisers from the IT constraints they were faced with and make their jobs easier. Sales advisers now use a RFID badge to access their work environment from any workstation in the store: they do not need a password to go back to their business-specific applications and find them such as they were during their last session.

Case Studies

  • The CANAL+ group enhances security of access to its consumer internet platform with Ilex International (read the testimonial)
  • The French federation, Habitat et Humanisme, modernises its information system and enhances the workplace by streamlining identity and access management (read the testimonial)
  • Leroy Merlin plays the mobility card for the sales assistants in its stores thanks to Ilex International (read the testimonial)
  • IFP School relies on Meibo to modernise its Information System and implement a unique repository (read the testimonial)
  • Le Groupe La Poste implements a Web SSO portal based on Ilex International technologies to allow its employees to access their cross-functional applications (read the testimonial)
  • CANAL+ Group strengthens the security of its Internet platform for the general public by combining Authentication, SSO and Identity Federation (read the testimonial)
  • Leroy Merlin France relies on Ilex International to modernise the work environment of its employees and improve its quality of service (read the testimonial)


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