Healthcare is the business sector where the demand for confidentiality takes on its full meaning: in France, initiatives in terms of sharing patients’ information have led to a global thinking on the security of Healthcare information systems which resulted in the "PGSSI-S" or General IT security Policy for the Healthcare sector. Dedicated security solutions must be implemented in order to strengthen and control access to applications (strong authentication by CPS card for instance). Likewise, the growing number of security requirements and the need for a consistent hospital IT system infrastructure, have led to the implementation of a Healthcare Establishment Directory, a unique repository for identities and authorisations.

Present in the Healthcare sector since 1996, Ilex International has an Identity and Access Management (IAM) offering that has evolved to meet the specific needs of the sector in terms of business practices, confidentiality, traceability, recommendations from national instances and regulations. Ilex also secures new infrastructures (SaaS) emerging with user practice and technology changes, and with the ever-growing need to streamline costs and promote information sharing and collaborative work.

Case Studies

  • The CAFAT (New Caledonia’s social welfare organisation) centralises the usernames of health professionals and business leaders, and secures their remote access to its online servicese (read the testimonial)
  • The Fédération des Hôpitaux Vaudois (FHV – Federation of Vaud hospitals) relies on Ilex International to streamline its access management and modernise its employees’ work environment (read the testimonial)
  • The Argenteuil hospital centre relies on Ilex International to implement their establishment directory (read the testimonial)
  • The Saint-Étienne University Hospital streamlines access to patients’ medical files with Ilex International and Citrix (read the testimonial)
  • The ASIP Santé relies on Meibo for the modernisation of its secured directory front-end (read the testimonial)

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