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bloc_secteur_sante_social_reduit_2Healthcare is the business sector where the demand for confidentiality takes on its full meaning: in France, initiatives in terms of sharing patients’ information have led to a global thinking on the security of Healthcare information systems which resulted in the "PGSSI-S" or General IT security Policy for the Healthcare sector. Dedicated security solutions must be implemented in order to strengthen and control access to applications (strong authentication by CPS card for instance). Likewise, the growing number of security requirements and the need for a consistent hospital IT system infrastructure, have led to the implementation of a Healthcare Establishment Directory, a unique repository for identities and authorisations.
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Public Sector & Defense

bloc_secteur_public_defense_reduit_2The public sector currently occupies the frontline in digital economy. User privacy protection, respect of data confidentiality and national infrastructure protection are government concerns. The fight against attacks and cybercrime is also becoming a priority.

Information System security is now part of the French military planning law. Besides, under the cumulative effect of dematerialisation and decentralisation, public organisations play a growing role in the daily management of public life.
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Banking, Finance & Insurance

bloc_secteur_banque_finance_assurance_reduit_2In this sector, the key words are: traceability, compliance and risk control!

Companies are indeed subject to more and more regulatory constraints (SOX, Basel III, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, Solvency II, etc.). Today, they must define and apply a security policy and must be able to prove that they control access to their Information System.

As a result, the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector must control the identities and authorisations of the users who have access to the IS.
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Industry & Services

bloc_secteur_industrie_services_reduit_2Beyond the need for security, identity and access management projects stem from various requirements. This is all the more true in the Industry & Services sector where these projects constitute a pragmatic response to strategic business issues.

Ilex International provides suitable responses to such various needs. For example, single authentication helps improve user experience by simplifying password management to increase productivity. Likewise, Identity Federation addresses the issue of supporting the new multichannel uses of consumers by providing different inter-community connection mechanisms. Ilex has thus demonstrated its know-how with major companies.
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